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Treat Your Horse Like Royalty – and Keep Him Contained – With EquiSafe U.S. Fencing

  • Date : 22-03-2016
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Wellington, FL – March 15, 2016 – Anyone who is familiar with horses knows that it is not uncommon to let a horse loose in their paddock and find them romping and frolicking around soon after. Most knowledgeable horsemen would agree that the safety and health of a horse is paramount to their wellbeing and directly correlates with how they perform in the show ring. That is where EquiSafe U.S. fencing comes into play.

EquiSafe U.S. is an exceptional fencing company that started out by taking the European equestrian scene by storm for over 30 years. They have since expanded their brand by offering their premier products, services, and stand-out customer service to the American market.

Most of the features of the fencing are exclusive to EquiSafe’s patented design, which has been extensively researched and tested to produce the safest, most durable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally-friendly fence.

One of these characteristics is the sliding gate. Typically, other fences have unsightly metal gate closures that interrupt the ongoing lines of the fence. Gates constructed of metal are also unforgiving and usually have spaces between the bars that are wide enough for a rolling horses’ legs to become entangled in.

Furthermore, these gates swing back into position and can hit the hind legs of a horse entering or exiting the paddock, which may spook or injure them. It can obstruct the already-narrow lane in between paddocks too, which creates a hazard for both horses and their caretakers.

Over time, metal gates become unpleasant to look at when they start to rust. The masterminds at EquiSafe U.S. have come up with the idea to utilize the same high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials used for the entire fence, to make the gate, which alleviates many of the problems associated with other options.

Gates are offered in various dimensions, starting at 4-feet to a double-fence that measures 12-feet. Customers who wish to to use their own gates are able to do that as well.

The gate features rounded end caps on the gate, instead of sharp edges that can easily hook a horse’s blanket or fly mask.  The way the gate is adhered to the fence is secure yet easy to install.

While some horses prefer to be active in the paddocks, others enjoy standing close to the perimeter of the fence due to a desire to return to the barn or because of boredom. Destructive habits, such as cribbing, biting, and windsucking, usually arise from being bored.

In order to protect the integrity of the fence, as well as to ensure optimal security of the horse, EquiSafe U.S. offers their proprietary electricity system in each of their products.

The embedded spiral conductor, also exclusive to EquiSafe U.S., is the premiere option for curious and energetic horses. It allows horses to still play in the pasture, but dissuades them from leaning or chewing on the fence. The molded electric hot wire does not take away from the appearance of the fence, and there are no loose wires that can harm a horse’s delicate legs.

HDPE, which is unbreakable and holds its shape, can be recycled and will not splinter, crack and rot like other fences will over time. This material is not affected by subzero temperatures or extreme heat, which makes it great for farms both in the Northern and Southern states. The maintenance-free fence is also self-lubricating.

Choosing to have their American home base located in Wellington, Florida, the winter horse capital of the world, makes maintaining friendly relationships with clientele and installing the products at nearby residences, farms, equestrian venues, and veterinary facilities quite simple.

Every product from EquiSafe U.S. has a 10-year warranty, and specially-trained EquiSafe U.S representatives are happy to discuss your range of options and provide a free quote. For those who covet top-tier fencing that epitomizes safety and has unparalleled aesthetic value, EquiSafe U.S. is the obvious choice for all your fencing needs.

EquiSafe U.S. is offering preferred pricing for a limited time with materials starting at $5/linear foot. Make sure to visit the EquiSafe U.S. booth this year at the 2016 Winter Equestrian Festival for a free estimate and to take a close-up look at the materials that make EquiSafe U.S. so exceptional.

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