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EquiSafe U.S. Provides Peace of Mind for Owners and Enjoyable Turnout Experience for Horses

  • Date : 27-07-2016
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Wellington, Fla. – April 22, 2016 – EquiSafe U.S. prides itself on providing owners, trainers and grooms with the safest fencing enclosure on the market to enable their treasured horses with the greatest turnout experience possible.

By nature, horses are social animals that normally spend sixty to seventy percent of their time grazing and roaming in the pasture if given the chance. Horses confined to stalls for most of the day often develop vices such as cribbing, wood chewing, weaving and pawing due to boredom, lack of exercise and excessive energy.

When horses are allowed turnout, they are generally healthier in body and mind than their equine counterparts who have limited or no turnout. It is a time for these animals to relax and unwind from showing, traveling and other factors that cause them stress. Horses get to stretch, roll and just “be horses” when allowed to roam in the paddock at their leisure.

Hay and shavings can cause a barn to become musty and increase the chances of a horse developing allergies and other respiratory problems, but this can be greatly reduced with ample fresh air turnout opportunities.

A positive turnout experience involves EquiSafe U.S. fencing for a variety of reasons. Chances of injuries are mitigated with EquiSafe U.S. because of the material the fence is constructed out of — high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Commonly used in the production of plastic bottles, corrosion-resistant piping, geomembranes and plastic lumber, HDPE boasts a 10-year guarantee and will not splinter, crack or rot under extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures. However, in the case of an accident where a horse is cast or gets its legs caught, the fence can easily be taken apart in a few simple steps.

For those horses who tend to lean or crib on the fence boards, the masterminds at EquiSafe U.S. have come up with their proprietary electricity system which consists of embedded hot wires that gradually heat up to dissuade horses from this behavior. It can also provide an additional security measure for horses who have a tendency to escape.

After a while, many horses are eager to return to the stables at the end of the day, especially when its close to feeding time. The sliding gate, exclusive to EquiSafe U.S., can lessen injuries for those horses that bolt out or act up while exiting from turnout — making the overall experience much safer for both the horses and handlers.

Attractive end caps also prevent horses from rubbing, getting caught on or scratched on sharp edges. In terms of aesthetic value, the sliding gate makes for a clean, refined line around the perimeter of the fencing. The way the gate attaches to the fence is both sturdy yet simple to install.

Barn managers and owners can rest assured knowing that with EquiSafe U.S. fencing, their horses and grooms will have an outstanding and safe turnout experience at all times.

Every product from EquiSafe U.S. has a 10-year warranty. Specially trained EquiSafe U.S. representatives are happy to discuss your range of options and provide a free quote. For those who covet top-tier fencing that epitomizes safety and has unparalleled aesthetic value, EquiSafe U.S. is the obvious choice for all your fencing needs.

EquiSafe U.S. is offering preferred pricing for a limited time with materials starting at $5/linear foot. For more information on EquiSafe U.S., please visit Facebook. Please visit the EquiSafe U.S. website at www.EquiSafeUS.com. Set up a free consultation today by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

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