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About Equisafe

Equisafe is a one of a kind business. We offer the high quality fencing that is safe, environmentally friendly, secure and unique. As a Swedish-based company, we have provided superior service to eques

trians throughout Europe for over 30 years and are the market leader in fencing, and we are now in the United States, with our home base in Wellington, FL, the winter horse capital of the world.

The secret to EquiSafe’s success is in our design. Our fences are completely maintenance-free and designed for the horse. We offer the option to embed hot wires in our rounded fences with a molding, and we are the only company to produce fences with our exclusive LED lighting system.

Our products are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and do not have any negative impacts on the environment. We use recyclable materials, and decreased our environmental footprint by implementing our own recycling system and becoming 100% “green.”

Our proprietary electricity system throughout the fences plays a large part in EquiSafe’s popularity. The embedded spiral conductor provides the safest fencing option for your horses.

With our durability, aesthetic value and unparalleled safety features, EquiSafe is the best fencing option for your equine partners, and at the best price. We are certain that you will be highly satisfied with our product, and stand by our promise of quality by offering a 10-year guarantee on all of our materials.

With more than 30 years in the fencing industry, we have perfected our product design and offer an array of options to fit the needs of every unique property.

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