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EquiSafe U.S. uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and necessary additives to ensure your fence will look like new for years to come with no manual maintenance required. We are Europe\\\'s No. 1 Fencing Company for a reason.


EquiSafe U.S. is committed to the happiness of our customers and offers a 10-year guarantee on all of our materials.

10-Year Warranty

After 30 years of business, EquiSafe provides the best service to our clients and holds an excellent reputation in the equestrian industry. We know you will love our product, and it is guaranteed for 10 years.

The secret to safety is in our design

EquiSafe offers the highest quality fencing that is safe, environmentally friendly, secure, unique and long lasting. We have provided superior service to equestrians for over 30 years, holding an esteemed reputation in the industry for safety and standards. Our fences are maintenance-free and designed for the horse’s safety. Our fencing system offers a flexibility that is unparalleled in the industry, providing safe and effective fencing for both horse and rider. We offer the option to embed hot wire in the rounded fence with a molding, and we are the only company to produce fences with the exclusive LED lighting system. We will keep your horses safe without the hassle of broken boards, ugly wires, fading or cracked paint.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Black Three & Two Rail Fencing

Dressage Fencing

Black Three-Rail Fencing

Stallion Wire

HDPE Round Pen

HDPE Run-Out

EquiSafe Products

EquiSafe designs fencing with your lifestyle, discipline and facility in mind. We offer an array of products that are unique to only EquiSafe, including injury-free arenas, pastures, and property fencing. All of our fences focus on the safety and security of your horse, and are built with a circular profile that avoids sharp edges, corners or other potentially damaging elements. We also offer the added security of embedded hot wires in our fences. The fences offer the same safety features, but will not hurt the horse even if it were to kick or bite the fence. EquiSafe offers an array of fencing possibilities including: - Arena - Dressage - Race Track - Paddock - Line Electric Fencing - Portable Barrier Unique Features: - EquiSafe fencing is reusable - It can be built with or without the embedded hotwire - Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 rails - Customized colors, dimensions and styles

some of our customer testimonials

"It is a very dependable product, and they put the horse first. I have seen their product first hand across Europe and I am excited to see it grow in the United States. I believe in it, and stand by i .....(more…)

Alexander Zetterman

"As an experienced horseman, I have seen a variety of fencing options--Wood fencing requires significant maintenance; PVC fencing cannot hold up to the intense Florida sunlight and wire fencing is bot .....(more…)

Joey Casey

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